Zero Platform Fees Week for XRPL NFTs

From the Mintable blog.

Missed our ‘Zero Platform Fees’ promotion? You’re in luck, as we’re bringing it back exclusively for XRP Ledger (XRPL) NFT transactions for one week only!

To celebrate the recent launch of the minting of XRPL NFTs on Mintable, enjoy zero platform fees whenever you transact (purchases and sales) with XRPL NFTs on Mintable from 9-16 December 2022!

Get started now and trade XRPL NFTs with zero fees today!

Learn more about the XRP Ledger here.

Learn more about interacting and trading with NFTs on the XRP Ledger here.


  • The promotion period will last from 9 December 10 am SGT to 16 December 10 am SGT.
  • Only marketplace/platform fees (2.5% of NFT cost) will be waived. XRPL transfer fees native to the blockchain still apply for each transaction.
  • Only transactions made with XRPL NFTs qualify for this promotion.

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