According to recent complaints by a number of people in the crypto community, Youtube has removed a vast number of crypto videos without warning.

Youtube Censors Crypto

YouTube has been the prime video platform around the world for a decade and a half now, and over the years, it has definitely had a number of issues with its creators. However, while the majority of these problems had root in real issues concerning the nature of posted content, the platform is currently cracking down on a specific topic, seemingly without any real reason.

Without warning, Youtube has recently removed countless cryptocurrency-related videos from pretty much every channel dedicated to digital coins. They did not only strike against potential scammers and YouTube nobodies, but also against well-known influencers.

Of course, it is well-known by now that YouTube is not a fan of advertiser-unfriendly content. However, unless the content explicitly breaks the company’s terms of service, it would usually simply get demonetized, and in most cases, that…

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