Tron has just introduced a new blockchain game called HyperSnakes that’s being touted as “the most addictive dApp yet.” Players can stake and earn TRX in the game or even play for free and receive rewards for participating.

The move was made possible by a new partnership between Tron Arcade, Tron’s $100-million fund for games, and MixMarvel, the developers of HyperSnakes.

Gameplay Is Just Like That of, Only (Arguably) Better


For starters, MixMarvel is a blockchain gaming platform that shot into fame with titles such as HyperDragon (powered by ETH).

As for HyperSnakes, it is the blockchain adaptation of the massively multiplayer cross-platform title The gameplay itself seems like a step-up from that of the classic — at least in theory considering it brings along added abilities and battle royale mechanics.

Players can join the game for free, compete against one other, and earn cryptocurrency for their participation. Alternatively, they’re also allowed to…

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