Decentralized finance (defi) continues to make waves this week, as the Yearn Finance project token (YFI) jumped over 270% during the last five days. The digital token is worth more per coin than the price of bitcoin today, as the asset is currently trading for $15,934 per YFI.

It’s very rare to see another token price higher than the price of bitcoin (BTC) but during the last five days, the Yearn Finance token (YFI) jumped well above the BTC price per coin. The project developed by Andre Cronje is a platform built on top of the Ethereum blockchain that allows yield aggregation.

The project’s documentation describes Yearn Finance as a “profit switching lender to optimize lending yields.”

Essentially, Yearn users leverage other defi apps like Aave, Compound, Curve, and others to maximize lending scenarios. Users utilize a yield farming strategy via the myriad of liquidity pools and Yearn optimizes the best returns on liquidity.

Yearn Finance Token Jumps 270% in 5 Days - Defi Token YFI Worth More Than a Single Bitcoin
The price of YFI skyrocketed on Thursday, August 20, 2020, to $15,934 per coin at 10:26 a.m. ET. YFI is up…

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