Crypto traders and speculators have been discussing the digital currency XRP (ripple) lately because the price has been stagnant compared to other digital assets. Some venture capitalists and analysts plan to short XRP, while other speculators believe the crypto is poised for a price jump in the future. Additionally, crypto enthusiasts have been discussing Ripple cofounder Jed McCaleb selling 1 billion XRP.

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A Closer Look at XRP

The digital currency XRP and the Ripple project have always been a controversial topic among cryptocurrency supporters. Lots of people love and advocate for XRP, while others believe the network is pure garbage. According to the project’s creators, the Ripple network is a real-time gross settlement system that has a native token called XRP. The project was launched in 2012 and XRP is one of the oldest digital currencies in comparison to networks like BTC.

XRP Still Third Largest Crypto by Market Cap After Founder Dumps 1 Billion Coins
XRP market cap is represented by the color purple and is the third largest…

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