XRP Price Buckles as Support at 8,000 Satoshi Gets Obliterated

With all cryptocurrency, token, and asset markets under a bit of pressure right now, it would appear things are not looking all that good. Although most markets remain in the green, there is a significant drop in XRP’s price as of right now.  The actual drop is not necessarily that steep, but it is evident things may come under further pressure moving forward.

XRP Price Trend Enters the red Zone

Considering how most markets were under a bit of bearish pressure earlier this morning, it is not too surprising to see minor losses materialize. In the case of XRP, the current trend is slightly disconcerting, although it seems the losses will be kept to a minimum. One worrisome aspect is how the price dropped below 8,000 Satoshi again, although reclaiming that value will not pose any major challenges.

Over the past 24 hours, the net balance for XRP is slightly negative. With a 0.8% drop in USD value and a 1.1% loss over Bitcoin, the XRP price now sits at $0.3126. With a drop below 8,000 Satoshi, a fair few traders will not be…

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Source: https://themerkle.com/xrp-price-buckles-as-support-at-8000-satoshi-gets-obliterated/