The Ripple (XRP) community has approached Skype, a telecommunications app that focuses on providing voice and video calls between devices, on integrating XRP into their platform. The constant requests from the XRP community allegedly compelled Skype to share the matter with other departments within the firm. One of the members of the XRP community tweeted:

The era of the Internet of Value is knocking at the door… My idea is to implement micropayments in Skype. Allow us to buy SkypeCredits with XRpTipBot , allow us to send micropayments on Skype chat as well.

He added that the XRPtipbot is already available for a number of social networking platforms, including Telegram, Twitter and Reddit. For this reason, it is quite easy to integrate into Skype.

Skype responds to the tweet

Somewhat unexpected the Skype’s official account answered:

“Hi. Thanks for sharing this idea. Cryptocurrency micropayments sound really cool right. Like any other leading technology company, Microsoft is already testing blockchain. Although I…

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