Shattered Glass: why we need to stop deconstructing our superheroes | Film

This weekend sees the release of M Night Shyamalan’s Glass, the long-awaited follow-up to his 2000 superhero drama Unbreakable and his 2017 thriller Split. Like Unbreakable, Glass is interested in deconstructing the figure of the comic book superhero (and supervillain),

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Bulls Too Confident, Too Soon

After the sharp decline for Bitcoin price yesterday retesting the low $3,500s we take a closer look at whats going on with the market. Bitcoin Price: 4-Hour Bitcoin Chart Bitcoin price 00 has failed to regain the critical $3750 point

Our Man At CES 2019 – Part Two: A Fistful Of Wallets

After thus far finding more talk about blockchain than actual products, I needed to up my game. What’s more, on Sunday, Ledger had announced the Nano X, whilst I was clearly at a different party. My plan was to head to

2019 Crypto Predictions, Winklevoss Bitcoin Talk, McKinsey Blockchain

An uphill slog. McKinsey published a report evaluating blockchain technology’s progress and potential as expectations of revolution collide with reality. The consulting firm found that corporate experiments are struggling to mature past the “pioneering” phase, where prototypes are tested, to the

Ledger Unveils Bluetooth-Enabled Hardware Wallet

Wallets Hardware wallet manufacturer Ledger has unveiled its newest cryptocurrency wallet. The Ledger Nano X is Bluetooth-enabled and can hold up to 100 different cryptocurrencies at a time. A mobile app is also being launched for both iOS and Android

New Ledger Nano X Can Pair With iPhone Via Bluetooth

Popular cryptocurrency hardware wallet company Ledger has revealed its latest device – the Ledger Nano X. The new device’s most characteristic new capability is that it will enable users to use Bluetooth to connect their mobile devices via the new

New Full Node Client ‘Bitcoin Verde’ Joins the BCH Ecosystem

Technology Bitcoin Cash (BCH) supporters were greeted on Thursday by another new full node client, library and blockchain explorer for the BCH chain called Bitcoin Verde. The creator of Verde says it is a ground-up implementation of the BCH protocol