The allure of Facebook’s Libra project has the Winklevoss twins willing to mend their fractured relationship with Mark Zuckerberg.

Let’s be Friends Again

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, both co-founders of the New York-based Gemini cryptocurrency exchange, appear to be offering an olive branch to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. As history tells, the Winkelvoss twins alleged that Zuckerberg stole their Facebook prototype called HarvardConnection and used it to lay the foundation for the social media company.

This led to the Winklevoss twins missing out on billions of dollars in profits but their desire to be involved with Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency project have made them willing to put their past with Zuckerberg behind them. On July 9 Cameron Winkelvoss told CoinDesk, “We’re definitely looking at it in earnest and we’re excited about the project.” 

Libra could Catalyze Mainstream Crypto Adoption

Both brothers made billions from their early Bitcoin investments and according to Tyler:

Libra is the first of…

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