Ethereum (ETH) came as one of the most revolutionizing projects in the history of cryptocurrencies. It shifted the attention of developers from cryptos to the blockchain, thus bringing the era of smart contracts and dApps. However, despite the fact that Ethereum is a pioneer in this regard, it fails to keep up with the rapid advancement of the crypto sector, and competition is getting not only bigger, but also more advanced.

Ethereum has already faced off numerous ‘Ethereum Killers’ so far, and none of them managed to finish the job. However, with the recent launch of Binance Chain, things might change for the crypto world’s second largest coin. Not only does it have the potential to beat Ethereum as a platform, but its native Binance Coin (BNB) might also beat Ethereum’s ETH, or at least severely damage its price.

Why is Binance Chain a threat to Ethereum?

Ethereum has been around for years now, and during this time, it managed to establish itself quite well in the crypto industry. It is, and will always be second to…

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