With confirmation that the proposed crypto lunch with billionaire Warren Buffett is still on, it remains to be seen whether U.S. President Donald Trump will accept Justin Sun’s invite.

Save Trump a Seat

Back in mid-July, President Trump put cryptocurrency as the focus of his daily tweetstorm. In response, Sun — the Tron CEO, invited him to his multi-million-dollar lunch with Buffett.

Sun did eventually have to postpone the meeting, citing health concerns — about of kidney stones. The timing of the postponement did raise some eyebrows.

At the time, there were reports that the Tron CEO was in trouble with Chinese authorities for excessive self-promotion. Interestingly, since the saga unfolded, there has been a noticeable reduction Sun and Tron’s social media gimmicks.

As previously reported by Bitcoinist, the Tron team is making efforts to reschedule the lunch date. The main trouble is choosing a time that works for all invited guests, a task which took close to two months the last time.

Sun to Convert his Anti-Crypto…

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