People often criticize Bitcoin for its volatility, not realizing that the coin is still in development, but investing in it is investing in a better future.

Bottoms Up

When it comes to Bitcoin investments, a lot of people may have a wrong idea regarding what to expect. The fact is that Bitcoin still has its fair share of problems and challenges. However, this should not come as a surprise. Bitcoin will reach its 11th birthday in a little over a week, which still makes it very young, especially since it was basically unknown for the majority of its life.

Some of its problems include its blockchain’s scalability issues, its price volatility, and alike. Many would argue that volatility is the worst part, as the anti-Bitcoin community often uses it to discourage people from buying and using the coin. Interestingly enough, this community mostly includes those who have the most to lose if traditional money becomes a secondary form of money.

Politicians, bankers, economists, and others who gain power and influence through fiat…

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