Wien Energie, the largest energy provider in Austria has recently revealed that it has successfully developed a blockchain integrated fridge. The fridge is developed in partnership with Bosch, a renowned manufacturing giant.

Wien Energie Keeping it Cold and Fresh With Blockchain Technology

The newly developed blockchain driven fridge was revealed at a crypto conference which took place in Vienna on April 3.
In the official release statement, it was noted that this is the first time DLT will be used in the construction of a refrigerator.

The release also made it known that the main agenda of the project is to increase consumer interest in the sustainable consumption of energy.
The use of DLT in the product, allows a user to select the source of the energy. So whether one wants to make use of solar panel or a wind power plant. Blockchain makes it possible to trace the source of the energy to its origin.

Also, the blockchain fridge can be fully operated using a smartphone. Using a smartphone, users are able to control the…

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