bitcoin and crypto understood later

Bitcoin arose as a pretty high-minded idea, engendered in specialized cryptography forums. In its early days, its merits have been discussed by communities like the LessWrong forums.

Bitcoin Gained a Bad Reputation in its Early Days
Crypto assets and Bitcoin, in particular, gained a public image of being a simple-minded Internet coin, used by gamers and gamblers. Later, when finance moved in and big money rolled into the markets, BTC was seen as a model for financial trickery, a Ponzi scheme, or merely an investment fad.
But hedge fund manager and Bitcoin, crypto proponent Michael Arrington (founder of TechCrunch), believes eventually, after a long time, intellectuals will finally see what the BTC network stands for.

As the founder of TechCrunch, Michael Arrington (@arrington) saw the promise of the internet early, went all in, and…

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