When the price of crypto currencies move,
it generates a robust reaction throughout the globe. It appears that the news
permeates into customer curiosity, which increases the number of search terms
that are used on Google and other search engines. In fact, the news reaches the
Twitter universe and is captured in both Google and Twitter trends. The demand
for digital assets continues to expand, as new brokerage firms announce they
will enter the market.

Trying to Gather Data

In a recent paper, esearchers gathered data
on Twitter mentioning Bitcoin and Ethereum as well as performing the same task
using Google
. Building on the ideas of previous research, the hypothesis was that
the number of tweets and their sentiment can influence prices. In the study, it
was uncovered that the number of tweets and Google searches changes first
before prices do on iFOREX.
This means the ideas are floated throughout the internet community before they
are reflected in the price of a crypto currency.

Both Google and Social media outlets…

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Source: https://thebitcoinnews.com/which-came-first-the-change-in-trends-or-the-change-in-price/