The Merkle Crypto Token

As the number of cryptocurrency projects continues to grow, it’s becoming harder for teams to rise above the rest and incentivize investors and users to flock to their platform. 

There are several strategies teams have adopted to cultivate activity. One is airdrops, where projects simply give away tokens for free. While some might ask users to perform a specific action, like joining a Telegram community, others don’t require users to do anything other than hold a particular amount of Bitcoin or Ether. And there are a lot of other activities are happening regularly. For example, Alistair Milne is willing to give away 1 BTC for solving a Twitter puzzle.

Some projects also choose to pay token holders a percentage of their revenue or turnaround to attract attention and reward those who have staked cash to a platform or idea.

Staking Projects And Returns On Investment 

A popular way for cryptocurrency owners to collect an income is to take advantage of staking. Back in March 2019, well-known crypto exchange Coinbase announced…

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