Dash is by no means a novelty in the busy, hectic, and ever-changing cryptosphere. Created in
2014 by a smart developer named Evan Duffield, Dash has a rich history of development. It first
existed as Xcoin then it was rebranded as Darkcoin (in January 2014), only to have its final
name set in stone in March 2015 when the developers named it “Dash,” short for “digital cash.”

Things to know about DASH

It was specifically designed to address the most important perceived shortcomings of the
world’s most valuable cryptocurrency, the Bitcoin. In short, Dash aims to offer its users a more
complete cryptocurrency, one capable of blistering-fast transaction speeds, low transaction
fees, and top-notch privacy features.

Dash started in life a simple fork from Bitcoin but has since then turned into a full-scale project
with its own unique philosophy. The main aspect that makes Dash so special is its X11
algorithm. It’s an algorithm designed to ensure the fair distribution of coins between miners.

Another interesting aspect that…

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