ethereum rally frozen

Crypto markets have been bullish for the past couple of days but Ethereum is still not getting the momentum it needs. This begs the question as to why ETH is still flat when DeFi is booming.

Since the weekend over $20 billion has flooded back into crypto markets raising total capitalization to $250 billion once again. The majority of that momentum has been driven by bitcoin as usual with a push past $9,000 today.
Ethereum has made some gains but is still largely on the back foot, and bearish below $200. ETH has made a couple more percent today as it inches towards $175 but it is still in the depths of a two-year bear market that even rapidly expanding DeFi markets cannot break it free from.
DeFi Not Helping Yet
Decentralized finance keeps making new highs, this week the total value locked in USD hit an all-time high of $845 million…

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