CODEX is a licensed trading platform for digital assets and cryptocurrencies. It is built on a unique reward system and uses a vanguard security structure. The exchange only launched in December 2018, making it relatively new. Even so, the company behind it has plenty of experience, giving users confidence.

AtticLab is the company that runs CODEX. This company already has experience with cryptocurrencies thanks to its status as a block producer for EOS. The exchange itself is Estonia-based, a convenient location due to the country’s crypto-friendly regulations.

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Sergii Vasylchuk is the CEO & co-founder of both AtticLab and CODEX exchange, bringing 15 years of experience in finance and software development. He has advised both Alliance Banking Group and SmartBank, an online banking organization. Vasylchuk is also a known public speaker in FinTech and Blockchain events worldwide, including Poland, India and Ukraine.

What Cryptocurrencies Does CODEX Support?

CODEX supports more than 100 cryptocurrency trading pairs,…

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