Trading has quite a bit of history, starting out with the tulip crisis up until the stock market crash in ‘33. It doesn’t stop here, however. With the advent of the 21st-century cryptocurrency trading has become increasingly more popular, especially so in more recent years.

In spite of its increased popularity, much of the infrastructure and tools used by traders to achieve their purpose has mostly remained unchanged since even before cryptocurrencies existed. One of the main reasons for this is that especially large traders, or whales as they are called nowadays, have an inherent advantage due to the fact that they can manipulate the markets to match their own interests by using their increased buying power.

What is WhalesTrader?

A bit over a year ago, a group of international traders which grew tired of the constant market manipulation brought forth by whales, decided to get together and develop some tools that would level the playing field in favor of smaller traders and so WhalesTrader was born.

Initially designed to…

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