Weiss Crypto Ratings released the names of cryptocurrencies it considers most likely to succeed in 2019. The independent ratings agency has given Bitcoin an A “tech/adoption” grade along with Ripple’s XRP and Ethereum competitor EOS.

Weiss Report Predicts a ‘Bright Future’

Weiss evaluates cryptocurrencies combining two factors, the adoption rate and technology. Upon evaluation, Weiss assigns letter grades indicating the crypto asset’s likelihood to succeed and its long-term sustainability.

On 26 March 2019, Weiss published a comprehensive report on the crypto market entitled “Dark Shadows with a Bright Future.”

The report is the outcome of reviewing 122 digital coins against four factors: technology, adoption, risk, and reward. Then, strictly basing the rating only on technology and adoption factors, Weiss concludes that the ten top cryptocurrencies are as shown in the table below:

Weiss proposes that “ultimately, only cryptocurrencies boasting the best combination of adoption and technology will succeed.”…

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Source: https://thebitcoinnews.com/weiss-ratings-bitcoin-best-positioned-to-become-popular-store-of-value/