Gordon Gao, the CEO of Global public blockchain ‘WaykiChain (WICC)’, launched $1.5 million ‘DApp Funding Program’ to provide all-around support for developers around the world and help them to develop DApps on WaykiChain and make sustainable profits. Most of all, Gordon Gao said: “We hope to bring benefit and money to everyone on the chain with WaykiChain’snew slogan ‘Leading blockchain built, used and shared by you.”

WaykiChain CEO’s Twitter post @GordonGao11

This DApp Funding Program which will bring innovations in the blockchain industry will start from 2nd April to 30th April and people can participate in the program by filling the application form provided by WaykiChain. If you have any question on the program, you can contact the marketing team or join the global developer center telegram community.

Here are the benefits for the developers as below:

  • $1.5 Million Incentives: WaykiChain will provide 1.5 Million USD incentives for blockchain developers and enthusiasts from all over the world to support…

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Source: https://thebitcoinnews.com/waykichain-wicc-news-1-5-million-dapp-funding-program-has-been-launched-for-global-developers/