The trailer for Crypto (the movie) hit YouTube yesterday, featuring all the essential elements of a standard Hollywood thriller — which would be fine if they hadn’t called the movie “Crypto.” Movies rely on the suspension of disbelief, but Wall Street and the Russian Mafia? Really? 

Turn On

As reported by Bitcoinist last June, the film features Kurt Russell, an ex-Gilmore Girl, the least famous Hemsworth brother, and someone called Beau (not Bridges). Beau is that rarest of things, an honest man on Wall Street — which annoys his employer, so they reassign him to the arse-end of nowhere, which coincidentally is the town he grew up in.

In his role as an “AML officer… Anti Money Laundering,” he discovers that his company is in bed with the Russian Mafia. Quite why they’ve sent this particular goody-goody to the exact place where they’re covering up such a scam is anyone’s guess.

Even more confusing is why details of bribes reside in a folder named ‘Kickbacks’ but — meh. Hollywood.

Cash In

As everyone…

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