China-based leading car manufacturer— Volvo Cars is planning to integrate DLT into its operation. Reportedly, Volvo Cars requires a regular supply of cobalt because of its use in EV batteries. Unfortunately, the main source of the Cobalt is congo. This possesses a major social concern for the company as well as other major EV manufactures.

Congo is Notorious for Child Labour

Congo has become quite popular for the use of child labour in its mines. With about two-thirds of the world’s Cobalt supply was from Congo this indirectly translate to EV battery pendants fueling the use of child labour in the region.

Many organizations and protestors are currently advocating for this concern to be a major one. As such, many car manufacturers are now under serious pressure from these bodies to stop the purchase of cobalt from their African counterparts.

In response to this, Volvo has deployed blockchain to map the source of the Cobalt to their factories. Furthermore, the car company is now making use of recycled Cobalt from China as…

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