Ethereum Classic Reels From 51% Attack: Double-Spends Reported

Coinbase has frozen trading of Ethereum Classic (ETC) as developers continue to clarify reports that the coin’s network suffered a blockchain reorganization attack. Coinbase, China And ASICs Originally reported as rumors January 6, ETC 00 has since succumbed to a

Vertcoin Network Suffers 300-Block Reorg Following 51% Attacks

Technology & Security Vertcoin (VTC) is currently struggling with a series of 51 percent attacks and a number of blockchain reorganizations. According to recently published data, the vertcoin chain has experienced over 22 reorgs and has lost more than $100,000 due to

Vertcoin 51% Attack Could Have Caused $100K in Double Spending

Vertcoin has been experiencing ongoing 51% attacks, reportedly resulting in $100K of double spending on the network.  Rough Couple of Months for Vertcoin In a detailed blog post, Coinbase security engineer Mark Nesbitt revealed that Vertcoin’s network went through repeated

Software update aims to lower costs and transaction speeds in bitcoin market

In an attempt to tackle expensive bitcoin transaction fees and slow processing times, two leading cryptocurrency exchanges, Coinbase and Bitfinex, announced Tuesday they have rolled out a software update that they hope will address mounting concerns. The update, called Segregated

What Is Vertbase?

Most altcoins struggle to obtain fiat currency gateways. That is not entirely surprising, as the major exchanges pay very little attention to alternative cryptocurrencies until they attain sustainable market capitalizations and trading volumes. In the case of Vertcoin, a community-driven project

The History of Litecoin in 500 Words – The Merkle

Since its beginning, Litecoin has been rooted in the democratization of mining. It found its inspiration in several other altcoins that claimed to do the same thing back in 2011. Litecoin is a hard forked coin of the Bitcoin protocol, and it boasts one

3 Reasons to Get Excited About the Future of Litecoin

Although most people will look at the current Litecoin price action as a pump-and-dump, there are some genuine reasons to get excited about this currency moving forward. Similar to any other altcoin, there are some interesting developments underway as we