VENJOCOIN will be distributing VJC token to investor via airdrop in Q’3, as Venjocoin had officially ended their ICO period on 28 February 2019. The Team is preparing for release VJC token among the investor that had fund this project. According to the technical team, VJC token will be used in conjunction with their upcoming VENJOCOIN Decentralized App that able to store, trade, and track VJC. Enabling investor to fully utilize the token.

What is the Benefit of VJC ?

VJC is a trusted open source and transparent, all user will know the
operating rules of the system and verify ledger contents as well as the
authenticity and ledger construction history. Efficiency is another reason VJC is worth investing, real-time
transaction data are being displayed on Venjocoin platform with highly
responsive protocol. Low-Cost asset
registration is due to Venjocoin able to simplify the process by eliminate the
needs of long process of asset registration and increase the liquidity of the
assets. VENJOCOIN is Attack-proof,
with peer-to-peer…

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