Bitcoin adoption crucible Venezuela could end up using its own sanctioned funds to topple the government if plans go ahead for an “army” of foreign mercenaries.

Sources: Plans For ‘5000 Mercenaries’

As Reuters reported on April 30, Erik Prince, founder of the notorious private security contractor Blackwater, allegedly wants to use fiat currency locked up by foreign governments to finance an ongoing backlash against Nicolas Maduro’s regime.

Venezuela’s precarious political situation hit the headlines again Tuesday after opposition leader Juan Guaido suggested a military coup d’etat was underway against Maduro.


Guaido, a known Bitcoin advocate, is already recognized as the Venezuelan head of state by various western countries, including the US.

Having supported president Donald Trump, Prince likewise plans to call on support from the pro-Guaido group, according to details of a plan leaked to Reuters.

Specifically, he envisages an army of 5000 mercenaries – “Peruvians, Ecuadoreans, Colombians, Spanish…

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