Two years after Bitcoin’s ATH, the US SEC still continues to deal with cases involving illegal fundraising by crypto-based companies.

SEC Sets its Sights on Latest Crypto Project

It has been two years since Bitcoin (BTC) reached its all-time high, with its price reaching $20,000. However, the market surge that allowed its price to go as high up as it did also attracted countless others who saw an opportunity to launch their projects and raise money.

In a lot of cases, these projects were either weak, scams or unregistered securities, which makes their fundraising events illegal. Soon after, the US SEC cracked down on such projects, forcing them to return the funds to their investors and face the consequences of their actions.

Now, another tech startup by the name of the “Blockchain of Things” seems to the latest target for the regulators. The startup managed to raise around $13 million back when investors were willing to go for unregulated cryptocurrencies. The startup was ordered to pay a fine and improve the transparency of…

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