North Korea allegedly has about 6,000 hackers, many of whom operate abroad, according to a recent report published by the U.S. Army. The infamous Lazarus Group, thought to be linked to a number of cryptocurrency exchange hacks, is among them.

North Korea’s Bureau 121

The U.S. Army recently published a document entitled “North Korean Tactics.” The 332-page “Army Training Publication (ATP) 7-100.2,” dated July 24, describes “North Korean tactics for use in Army training, professional education, and leader development.”

A section of the document discusses “computer warfare,” which it says consists of “attacks focusing specifically on computer systems, networks, or nodes.” Examples given are “Unauthorized access (hacking) of information systems for intelligence-collection purposes” and “Insertion of malicious software (viruses, worms, logic bombs, or Trojan horses).”

The document explains that the primary organization in North Korea responsible for computer warfare is Bureau 121, elaborating:

There are over 6,000 members in Bureau…

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