U.S. politicians are talking about stimulus again in order to bolster American jobs and President Joe Biden’s infrastructure plan. At the end of last week, White House press secretary Jen Psaki explained that Biden would meet with bipartisan members of Congress on Monday in order to push his proposal. According to reports, Biden’s proposed plan could be a touch smaller than the estimated $2.25 trillion.

Biden Suggests Scaling Back the $2.25 Trillion ‘Build Back a Better America’ Infrastructure Proposal

The U.S. government is talking about creating more stimulus in order to provide jobs and “build back a better” America. Last Friday, the press was told that Joe Biden would be meeting with bipartisan members of Congress in order to sell his infrastructure proposal. It was noted that Congress would be heading back to D.C. and Biden would tell them all about his plan to fix roads, public housing, transportation, and communications….

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