TheMerkle German-Franco Regulation

American politicians want to regulate cryptocurrencies. The sooner this voting can take place, the better..

A global regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies will not be easy to implement.

More Crypto Regulation in the US

Even so, US Congress expects big things from its Cryptocurrency Act of 2020.

It will undergo a round of voting in the first few weeks of 2020. 

This new proposal wants to state which federal agencies can oversee digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

Right now, there is a lot of internal confusion in this regard.

Moreover, the time has come to streamline licensing, registration, and certification for crypto companies in the US and beyond.

As one would expect, these agencies overseeing digital assets already exist.

The roles of FinCEN, SEC, and CFTC will become a lot more outspoken assuming this proposal is approved.

The most interesting change is how digital assets are to be split up into three main categories.

A distinction needs to be made between cryptocurrencies, crypto-securities, and crypto-commodities. 

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