Bitfinex has received roughly 28 BTC from U.S. federal law enforcement agencies in a rare example of the U.S. government returning stolen bitcoin that were retrieved from the criminals.

$110,000 Retrieved Out of $72 Million

The amount totals about $110,000 at today’s prices, which law enforcement managed to retrieve in November 2018. Today, the exchange announced:

Since the well documented hack in 2016, Bitfinex has collaborated with international law enforcement agencies to provide intelligence and assist with investigations. Bitfinex was alerted in November 2018 that the U.S. government had obtained bitcoins believed to be proceeds from the 2016 hack.

In 2016, cyber criminals stole 120,000 BTC ($72 million USD) in one of the biggest ever thefts from a cryptocurrency exchange.

Giancarlo Devasini, Chief Financial Officer at…

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