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  • digital asset investment can be subject to rapid fluctuation of price due to speculative demand and changes in domestic and overseas regulatory environment. It is investor’s responsibility to judge the investment, and any loss that may arise is attributable to the investor. Fully understand the characteristics of the digital asset and we ask you to invest with it caution. Upbit strongly recommends that you do your own research, referring the website and disclosures of token projects before making any financial decisions.
  • Due to the overheated trading environment, there is a difference in market prices between domestic and foreign exchanges. Please make sure that pay attention to the difference in the market prices from the global exchange before investing in digital assets.
  • According to Upbit BTC market, the prices of CELO is as below. Please be noted to the high volatility before investing in digital assets.
    . CELO : 3,134 KRW (2022. 03. 17. 10:30 (KST))
  • Upbit takes various measures to create a stable trading environment, such as a limit of minimum order amount, but some users may be exposed to order stabilization messages depending on the overheated investment environment. Please note that this is an inevitable measure for a stable service after processing the orders of the users who ordered first.

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