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New digital asset on BTC Market (RAD)

Dear Upbit users,

Upbit adds following digital asset on BTC market

※Important Notes on Deposit Service

  • Deposit/withdrawal service has been changed following the Travel Rule Implementation. Deposits that are off the list of exchanges linked with VV needs to go through a review process for reflection. Return process for deposits that have not been reflected to the account may take a lengthy period of time.
    *Reference : [Important] Important notes on the deposit/withdrawal service following the Travel Rule implementation
  • Please check whether Upbit supports deposit/withdrawals with the following exchange.
    *Reference : List of exchanges available for deposit/withdrawal service
  • The deposit for RAD will open within 1 hour of the announcement.
  • RAD : Upbit only supports ERC-20 protocol for deposit. (Deposits from the other networks (ex) BSC) cannot be supported.)
  • According to the Terms of service article 17, paragraph 7, above certain amount of deposits can be audited and these audits include analyzing the flow of funds. Please understand that your deposit can not be reflected on your account if the audits are not completed.

When trading RAD at BTC market, check the following limitations beforehand.
We would like to inform you that push messages sent when adding new digital assets have been cancelled to stabilize the trading environment.
1) Trading opens at : 2022–04–01 18:00 KST (estimated time).
2) Buy orders are limited for the opening 5 minutes
. RAD : Based on the closing price (0.0001192 BTC) of Coinmarketcap in previous day, sell orders lower than -10% will not be allowed.
3) Buy/Sell orders at Market price and reservations for Buy/Sell order are limited for about an hour after the market support.

※Investment risk guide

  • Digital asset investment can be subject to rapid fluctuation of price due to speculative demand and changes in domestic and overseas regulatory environment. It is investor’s responsibility to judge the investment, and any loss that may arise is attributable to the investor. Fully understand the characteristics of the digital asset and we ask you to invest with it caution. Upbit strongly recommends that you do your own research, referring the website and disclosures of token projects before making any financial decisions.
  • In case of overheated trading environment, there may be a difference in market prices between domestic and foreign exchanges. Please make sure to pay attention to the difference in the market prices from the global exchange before investing in digital assets.
  • According to Coinmarketcap, the prices of 2 digital assets are as below. Please be noted to the high volatility before investing in digital assets.
    . RAD : 0.0001176 BTC (2022. 04. 01. 11:00 (KST))
  • Upbit takes various measures to create a stable trading environment, such as a limit of minimum order amount, but some users may be exposed to order stabilization messages depending on the overheated investment environment. Please note that this is an inevitable measure for a stable service after processing the orders of the users who ordered first.

[New digital asset]

RAD (Radicle) project description:
Radicle (RAD) is a tool that provides an open source smart contract development environment that is developed under the leadership of the community. It provides an environment where developers can jointly write code and Ethereum gas costs can be saved by utilizing the smart contracts on Radicle.

✽ If you cannot find markets on the website, please refresh(F5) the site.
✽ If you are unable to check the digital asset on Android or iOS, please click Settings > Screen > Receive information on listed digital assets again.

As for the detailed information, please see here.

Thank you.

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