TheMerkle_Transfer Domain Ownershop

Building a website domain infrastructure on the blockchain is never easy. The technological side is not the hard part, but getting people to use the service can be a major hurdle.

For Unstoppable Domains, the time is now to strike. Earlier today, the team confirmed it will offer a $1m grant to any service providers integrating their technology. 

Another Push Forward for Unstoppable Domains

For wallet service providers, this seems like a no-brainer. Users can create a custom domain to send and receive money, rather than dealing with complex wallet addresses.

Furthermore, these domains can be used to streamline the cryptocurrency payments space as a whole. 

Although several wallets already support this technology, there is still plenty of time for further growth. This grant program can give Unstoppable Domains a major push forward.

So far, the project has sold over 150,000 domain names. Those figures confirm there is a genuine interest in owning a .crypto or .zil domain extension. 

Unstoppable Domains CEO Matt Gould adds:


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