A new research has found that Ethereum’s most popular clients pose a security risk to the whole Ethereum network, because of known vulnerabilities that haven’t been patched, ZDNet has reported.

Patch Gap

The study, released by Security Research Labs, indicates that a significant amount of nodes using the Parity and Geth clients have yet to upgrade the software to versions that address vulnerabilities found months ago.

“In February 2019, we reported a vulnerability in the Parity Ethereum client that could be used to remotely crash any Parity Ethereum node prior to version 2.2.10,” Security Research Labs wrote, adding that according to data it had collected, only two thirds of Parity nodes had been patched.

“Shortly after we reported this vulnerability, Parity released a security alert, urging participants to update their nodes,” Security Research Labs also said.

Using data from ethernodes.org, the security research firm found that one month after the alert, around 40% of all scanned Parity nodes were not patched at…

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Source: https://thebitcoinnews.com/unpatched-nodes-pose-security-risk-to-ethereum-network-according-to-study/