Thanks to the EU’s most recent money laundering directive, a small business called Post-a-coin, which sold cute postcards pre-loaded with tiny amounts of bitcoin, is being forced to shut down. Meanwhile, the most heinous criminals in history are continuing to facilitate violence, trafficking and laundering of cash with impunity.

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Who’s the Real Criminal?

Pablo Escobar. El Chapo. ISIS. These are some of the infamous names that come to mind when people mention crimes like money laundering, terrorism, and drug trafficking. With such unethical actors in the world, it seems necessary to have regulations in place to stem the violence.

This is especially applicable to the crypto space, where transfer of funds can be easy, borderless and basically anonymous. Contrary to popular misconception, however, when it comes to lives lost or harmed, dollar signs, and promotion of scams, it’s actually governments, policymakers, and banks that are the…

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