SEC Suspends Trading in Company Over False Cryptocurrency-Related Claims

Regulation The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has suspended trading in a firm for making several false cryptocurrency-related claims. Among them are the firm’s partnership with an SEC qualified custodian, regulated cryptocurrency transactions, and tokens that are fully registered

Investors Not Protected in China, Albania to Regulate

Regulation In recent regulatory news, a court in China’s Futian District has ruled that cryptocurrency investments are not protected by law, Albania’s government has indicated that it intends to develop a regulatory framework for crypto, and the United States Securities

HTC Launches Blockchain-Intergrated Smartphone Bought Only in Bitcoin

Technology HTC, the struggling Taiwanese phone-maker, has launched a smartphone that can be bought only with BTC or ETH. Called the Exodus 1, the smartphone is blockchain-integrated and features a cryptocurrency wallet built into a secure enclave of the device.

Alibaba wins preliminary trademark injunction against cryptocurrency Alibabacoin

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Limited has won a preliminary injunction against cryptocurrency firm Alibabacoin Foundation. The legal victory centers on the use of the company’s name, or likeness, purportedly to promote the foundation’s similarly named virtual currency, according

What can help Americans regain the trust of Wall Street? Blockchain

Ronald Reagan, when addressing disarmament in the 1980s, made famous the term “trust but verify.” Today, we find ourselves in a financial disarmament with the U.S. national debt exceeding $21 trillion — the result of decades of financially engineered debt

Bitcoin Mining Farm Opened in Armenia .

Mining A new cryptocurrency mining facility opened in Armenia on Oct. 18. The $50 million farm will extract bitcoin and ethereum using 3,000 machines, according to local media reports. Around 120,000 more miners are to be added in the months

Bitcoin Cash Merchant Directory Marco Coino Surpasses 500 Listings

Emerging Markets Over the last year bitcoin cash adoption has been thriving and in certain regions, BCH merchants are spreading like wildfire. Thanks to a slew of cryptocurrency payment processors and people pressing for adoption there are thousands of BCH

Bitconnect Faces Consolidated Class Action Complaint

Featured More than a dozen lawsuits targeting Bitconnect have been merged into a single case, following the submission of an Amended Consolidated Class Action Complaint on Thursday. The newly combined complaint has been filed with the U.S. District Court for