British Lawmaker Proposes Tax, Utility Bill Payments in Bitcoin

Finance U.K. lawmaker Eddie Hughes has proposed that taxpayers should have the option to pay council tax and utility bills in cryptocurrencies such as BTC. The 50 year-old conservative legislator for the Walsall North constituency said the move would place

UK Regulators Plan “Comprehensive Response” to Illicit Crypto Use

Regulation Christopher Woolard of the United Kingdom (UK) Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has indicated that UK regulators are planning a “comprehensive response” to the illicit adoption of crypto assets amid increased adoption among local businesses and consumers. Despite announcing increased

CFTC to Embrace DLT, SIM Swapping Task Force

Regulation In recent regulatory news, the chairman of the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission has predicted that distributed ledger technology will soon be adopted by the CFTC to monitor the financial markets, and a supervisor of the REACT Task

UK MP Quits Ironx After Four Days, Daily OTC Volume Estimated at $250M

Exchanges In recent news regarding cryptocurrency exchanges, a member of the British Parliament has quit his role with a cryptocurrency exchange just four days after joining the company, analysts have estimated the daily volume of the over-the-counter (OTC) cryptocurrency markets to

HTC Launches Blockchain-Intergrated Smartphone Bought Only in Bitcoin

Technology HTC, the struggling Taiwanese phone-maker, has launched a smartphone that can be bought only with BTC or ETH. Called the Exodus 1, the smartphone is blockchain-integrated and features a cryptocurrency wallet built into a secure enclave of the device.

Cypherpunk Essentials: A Beginner’s Guide to Crypto Privacy

Op-Ed The following op-ed on crypto privacy was written by Reuben Yap. He is the Chief Operations Officer of Zcoin. A corporate lawyer for ten years, specializing in institutional frameworks, Reuben founded one of SE Asia’s top VPN companies, He

Bitcoin was used to fund Russia’s cyberattacks, Justice Department says

Getty Bitcoin was used to fund Russia’s hacking efforts, a Justice Department indictment alleges. The Justice Department indictment against seven Russian military officers for a series of alleged cyber attacks unveiled Thursday contained another allegation that Russia turned to

Increasing Number of Crypto ATMs in Europe Support BCH

Featured A growing number of cryptocurrency ATMs in Europe now buy and sell BCH, increasing the popularity and widening the adoption of Bitcoin Cash. Many of the teller machines are located in major cities and resorts offering Europeans and visitors