The Understanding Bitcoin conference held in Malta from April 5 to April 7, 2019, was all about turning regular Bitcoin users into power users.

Bitcoin hardware and software is often more configurable than people realize (or they do realize this but are unable to take advantage of it). Spread throughout the conference were 18 demos by leading Bitcoin developers and experts illustrating how to make the most out of available Bitcoin tools.

For your convenience, here is an overview of all of the demos:

Blockstream Green’s Hardware Wallet

Blockstream Green (formerly known as Green Address and Green Bits) is the mobile and desktop wallet from blockchain development company Blockstream. To secure your coins, the wallet offers multisig security, which means that any transaction from the wallet must be signed off on through several methods. If a potential thief compromises one of these methods — for example, learning your PIN code or stealing your phone — they still can’t access any funds. One such additional protection method…

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