New Proposal Aims to Make Cryptocurrencies Legal in Ukraine

Various countries around the world are currently in the process of either regulating or banning cryptocurrencies. It seems there is no middle ground in this regard, although nothing has been set in stone yet in most parts of the world. Over

Серия рефералов: бинтрек

Эта страница была переведена. Извините за неправильные слова. бинтрек В рамках нашей серии «Реферальные программы» (партнерские программы) мы демонстрируем Bitconnect, очень популярную кредитную программу. Реферальная программа Bitconnect работает следующим образом. Вы делаете процент от суммы, внесенной на ваш счет рефералов.

Russia Gold Rush Sees Record Reserves For Putin Era

Russia Gold Rush Sees Record Reserves For Putin Era by Yuliya Fedorinova of Bloomberg via Irish Indepedent Vladimir Putin is doing his part to keep the upswing in gold alive. Since the Russian president went on a geopolitical offensive in Ukraine

Bitcoin in Ukraine and Indonesia, ICOs in Thailand

Regulation In recent days, several governments have issued statements pertaining to bitcoin regulations. The Indonesian and Ukrainian central banks have clarified that bitcoin will not be recognized as a means of payment, whilst Thailand’s Securities and Exchange