According to the BBC, a whole industry of “cryptoassets” has built up in recent years, with Bitcoin at the helm. Shocking news, right? 

Good thing the BBC’s mission isn’t “to be the most creative organization in the world.” Oh, wait — it is. Hop on over to their values page and that’s exactly what they’re shooting for.

Hopefully, then, today’s article from the school of the blindingly obvious was a slip from the British Broadcasting Corporation that prides itself on breaking news. With the headline “Bitcoin: Crypto investors ‘think they can get rich quick’,” it may be a couple of years too late.

BBC Says A Wave of Young People Are Influenced By Their Friends

Sadly, the article isn’t some kind of joke. It appears to be earnest in its belief that its findings are shocking. Apparently, there’s a wave of young people influenced by “friends and social media…

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