Bitcoin SV, an offshoot blockchain project that self-proclaimed bitcoin inventor Craig Wright supports, is losing touch with its core audience on Twitter. 

Cryptocurrency researchers at the TIE found that Bitcoin SV lately suffered one of its worst ‘Twitter-mentions’ deficit. Tweet volumes on the project dropped by a sheer 87 percent since its May highs, marking an all-time low. The move downhill reflected that social media users are quietly losing interest in Bitcoin SV, which is further visible in the price performance of the project’s native asset, the BSV.

bitcoin sv, bsv price

Bitcoin SV dwindles sharply against the US dollar and Bitcoin | Image credits:

The ninth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization slipped by more than 75 percent against the US dollar between June 22 and September 25. Its performance against the benchmark cryptocurrency bitcoin was similar. The BSV/BTC instrument, within the same period, plunged by 76 percent, showing that traders parked their BSV capital to other cryptos and fiat currencies.


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