The DataLight Hype Index shows Bitcoin leads the way in terms of popularity on Twitter with the results of the ranking closely mirroring the position of cryptocurrencies based on market cap.

Bitcoin is King of ‘Crypto Twitter’

According to a recent report by DataLight, Bitcoin occupies the top position in the Twitter Hype Index – a measure of the degree of popularity of a cryptocurrency on the social media platform.

This data is yet another indication of Bitcoin’s dominance over the rest of the cryptocurrency market. It holds the lion’s share of the attention of investors and critics alike.

Whether positive or negative news, stories relating to Bitcoin tend to dominate the “Cryptocurrency Twitterverse.”

Case in point, the hashtag #Bitcoin had more than 800 tweets within the hour as at the time of writing this article.

Of the top 15 cryptos listed in the index, the top three mirror the positions of cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP occupy the first, second, and third position,…

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