Turkish real estate agency Antalya Homes has sold nine properties to date using bitcoin core, mostly to foreign buyers. The houses cost a minimum of €30,000 each (~$33,900) said the agency, which also accepts bitcoin cash, ethereum, stellar, ripple, litecoin and tether.

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‘Crypto Purchases of Property Are Reliable and Faster’

Antalya Homes chairman Bayram Tekce said cryptocurrency purchases of real estate come with multiple advantages. “Payment with cryptocurrency enables a more reliable and faster transaction performance such as money transfer between bank accounts without any exchange loss,” Tekce was quoted in the online daily Business Standard as saying on Mar. 5.

Turkey has continued to see a boom in both cryptocurrency use and in its property sector, driven by strong demand from foreign nationals. In 2018, investors from abroad bought 40,000 properties in Turkey, an increase of more than 80 percent from a year earlier….

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Source: https://news.bitcoin.com/turkish-real-estate-agency-sells-9-houses-for-btc/