Trump is recommending Herman Cain for one of two vacant seats on the Fed Board. The man who advocates a return to the gold standard could undermine Bitcoin price in the short-term as ‘digital gold.’

Experience in Pizza Is the Least of Our Worries

Much of the media seems to be concerned by the fact that Herman Cain has a past in the pizza business. However, there are far more concerning things afoot.

Not only has he been embroiled in sexual harassment claims (which puts him in good company in Washington) but he’s also a staunch believer in the return to the gold standard.

Trump’s Stand Off with the Fed Boosted Bitcoin

Up until now, there has been some encouragement on the part of the Bitcoin community about the war of words between the United States Fed and the White House.

Trump has been repeatedly vocal about his disagreement of Jerome Powell’s interest rate hikes….

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