It has been less than a year since TRON (TRX) launched its MainNet, but during this short period, the project has seen a massive amount of success. Not only did it partner up with countless exchanges and other projects, but it also went through a token migration, token burns, and a Super Representatives election.

Then, it acquired BitTorrent and announced Project Atlas, which later led to the launch of the BitTorrent token (BTT). In addition, it launched its own DEX, its ecosystem exploded with dApps and smart contracts, and it even managed to beat several records regarding the number of transactions per day and week.

While all of this already seems like more than a project should be able to achieve in less than a year — it is only the tip of the iceberg in TRON’s case. Misha Lederman, who has been elected as an advisor to the dApp Evolution Ecosystem, and who is deeply respected within the TRON community, often points out TRON’s achievements.

He recently noted that TRON’s number of dApp users exceeded 88,928 on April…

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