Scaling cryptocurrency projects is an ongoing challenge for a growing community of developers. Even Tron, the seemingly increasingly popular project, has a need for scaling which might require some outside-of-the-box solutions. dAppChain is a sidechain dedicated specifically to dApps. It will provide these apps and their developers with numerous benefits which can lead to a more competitive ecosystem. 

A Sidechain for dApps

It is rather interesting to see how different cryptocurrency projects try to tackle similar problems with completely different solutions. In the case of Tron, it seems like a very interesting project has quite to fruition in recent days. Known as the dAppChain, it is a solution which offers a lot of potential benefits to the Tron ecosystem as a whole.

This dedicated sidechain for Tron dApps can unlock a wide range of new possibilities and improvements. In theory, it offers unlimited capacity for the TRON main chain, although it remains to be seen if this concept can live up to expectations in this regard….

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