BitTorrent has announced three new incentive plans that will encourage adoption of its highly anticipated download-boosting token. These new initiatives are intended to reach every corner of the market—especially end users—and some major details have been revealed in the company’s most recent blog post.

User Incentives

For those who are not familiar, BitTorrent token (BTT) is a TRON-based cryptocurrency that will be integrated with BitTorrent later this year. Users who upload files will be compensated with BTT for providing bandwidth, while users who download files will be able to pay for faster download speeds.

BTT has been eagerly received within the crypto sphere, especially within the TRON community. However, the reverse is not true: TRON has received little attention from BitTorrent’s user base. As such, one of BitTorrent’s new initiatives will involve promoting TRON to BitTorrent users—making BitTorrent a gateway drug of sorts.

Additional details are still forthcoming, but it seems possible that TRON tokens…

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