The TRON network showed statistics out of the ballpark in comparison to Ethereum and EOS. Multiple accounts, new distributed apps and activity picking up – those seemed to be an indicator for one of the most robust crypto ecosystems, however new research suggests otherwise.

Faked Unique Accounts and Game Activity

A study conducted by AnChain shows there is overwhelming bot activity on the TRON network, made possible by the very protocol for producing TRON blocks through Super Delegates. New analysis shows that the reported activity of TRON distributed apps may be the result of deliberately deployed bots.

“Analyzing the Top 10 gambling Tron DApp transactions in Q1 2019, we have determined that blockchain bots contribute to 30.7% of unique accounts and 19.3% of transactions,” the team discovered.

AnChain also discovered that bot activity is not evenly distributed, and affects only certain apps. Top TRON dApps, at least in Q1, showed almost no bot activity. Currently, the top dApp on TRON is 888TRON, a gambling and gaming offer….

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